Hi again! Glad you're here 😄

I am a Qualitative UX Researcher who also wears the Designer hat whenever required (startup life, amirite?) I use my diverse background of research, design and engineering in my current role as Product Owner at Trextel, a network management startup based in Atlanta, Georgia.

I live in the Bay Area, California so I love to take advantage of the weather and hike every weekend then reward myself later with boba tea.





Here are some things I'm proud of...

Volkswagen Scholarship'21

Volkswagen selected five students out of a class of 25 to receive a scholarship as part of exemplary work showcased as a part of a collaborative Automotive UI course at Academy of Art University. I received the scholarship for my work on the website as the representative from my major.

AT&T IoT Civic Hack '17

The theme of the AT&T Civic IoT hackathon was public safety and solutions that could help first responders. Out of the 30 teams that participated, my team 'First Volunteer' won

Best FirstNet App, 1st place
Best Mobile App, 2nd place

JagStart Pitchfest '17

I was a top 10 finalist for the pitchfest organized by the Student Innovation Center, Indiana University. I was able to take this pitch further along and receive the Do Something Grant from communityinnovate.org


In Other News

Things I'm up to these days...

Language Learning

I have been learning French, Japanese and Spanish on DuoLingo. If you meet me at a party you might catch me panic-running to a corner to maintain my DuoLindo streak before the clock strikes 12.


Lately I have been reading The Age of A.I. And Our Human Future to better understand how to ethically coexist with the inevitable omnipresence of A.I. in our lives.


I just started a collection of crypto art in OpenSea called Crypto Noir. If you like any of them, please buy them and make me rich. Thank you! 🙏