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Will the 2000-year-old Japanese tradition of Hanko seals go digital?

I recently got the opportunity to work on a redesign project for a paperless office solutions software company called eMudhra. Because of their global presence, I got to speak to few of their clients from UAE, India, Africa, South America and Indonesia. Covid-19 pushed a lot of bureaucratic offices to adopt digital signatures and eventually learn to trust and love the efficiency in digitizing the process. So what happens to traditions like the Hanko seal now?

Mar 23 2022 . 4 min read

Why does your startup need a
UX Researcher?

I have heard many founders disregard the necessity and impact of hiring a User Experience Researcher (UXR) at the early stages of growing their start-up because of various reasons. Let’s go through some of the most common ones I have observed.

This article got featured under the Impact section in the August edition of UserWeekly.

Aug 3 2021 . 5 min read

What if Bruce Lee taught design thinking 101?

I have been working on a project for the We Are One, Bruce Lee exhibit that will open in San Francisco’s Chinatown this November 2021. While conducting research to come up with strategies to market the exhibit, I rediscovered Bruce Lee through a completely different lens. I was aware of Bruce Lee the martial artist, the philosopher and the actor but there were a lot of important things about his life that I did not know.

May 18 2021 . 4 min read

Research Publications

It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to publish these.

Human-Computer Interaction

Naturalistic Decision Making by Older Adults with Chronic Heart Failure:
An Exploratory Study Using the Critical Incident Technique Human Factors


Modeling Personas for Older Adults with Heart Failure


Computer Science

Detection of Moving Objects in Surveillance Video by Integrating
Bottom-up Approach with Knowledge Base