emSigner is eMudhra's B2B paperless office solution software. I worked with them to understand their users' current pain points, evaluate the product and redesign it based on my findings.

My Role

UX Researcher & Designer


User Interviews, Competitive Research, Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough, Prototyping


Research Insights, High Fidelity Prototype


Standing out in a crowded marketplace

emSigner is used globally by eMudhra's clients but they were finding it difficult to compete in the western marketplace with the current version of their product and acquire new clients. My role was to understand the competitive landscape, user requirements and redesign emSigner to be able to compete with the many other products in this space.


Semi-structured Interviews

I spoke to 10 participants who satisfied the following criteria. I had to use a translator for participants from Latin America.

• They should be existing clients/users of emSigner
• They should use majority of the features provided by the product other than basic document signing
• They should be from different locations where the product is used (US, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, India, etc.)
• They should be from different roles/departments in an organization (Sales, HR, Legal, Procurement)


  • How did our users hear about emSigner?
  • How was their experience getting started with the product?
  • What are the various contexts in which our users use our product?
  • What do our users think of the product?
    • What do they like?
    • What doesn’t work well for them?
    • What more would they like in their current workflow?
  • What other products do they use/have heard about?
    Or what did they use before?
    • How was that experience?
    • Why did they switch?


Competitive Research

  • Most apps had clean and uncluttered dashboard designs
  • There were informative tooltips for onboarding
  • Task completion was easy with clear call-to-action for next steps
  • The successful products had fun UI and branding elements


  • There's too much information, it's confusing where to start with.
  • Some screens had too many call-to-action buttons
  • Assigning signatories is not intuitive
  • If not from the IT department, creating workflows was a pain
  • Errors are not intuitive and left users confused about next steps
  • Auto-saving is unreliable when there are network issues
  • Participants wanted more flexibility regarding transferring of license

Why did they choose emSigner?

Other products considered by participants




There were three important flows I focused on first.
First, what does the dashboard look like? What information should be shown above the fold? What should the user have quick access to here?
Second, how does a user upload, prepare and send a document?
Third, how does a user create and activate a workflow?


After the wireframes were made there was a whole month of iterating on the designs, with weekly feedback and refinement sessions with the Head of Sales and the Senior Vice President of the company. Since the company didn't have a Product team, they were the main stakeholders of the product.


• The project didn't have the time scope for conducting user testing, that would have been my next step before handing over the designs.
• If there had been more time and my client had given me access to their dev team, I would have held multiple sessions to ensure a smooth design handoff so nothing was lost in translation