Trextel is a leading Managed Software-as-a-Service (MSaaS) provider. I worked on its connectivity business intelligence platform, IntelliTrex. IntelliTrex underwent a design rehaul and I was hired to assess its usability and uncover new feature needs.

My Role

UX Researcher, Product Owner


User Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Surveys


Research Reports of Findings and Recommendations
Design mockups


As a UX Researcher at Trextel, I led research initiatives to assess the revamped IntelliTrex. I collaborated closely with the development team to design new feature requirements that came up in research. I also led refinement sessions to convert user feedback into actionable development tickets, facilitating the implementation of user-driven enhancements.

In summary, I was responsible for all aspects of the UX research process at Trextel, from planning and conducting research studies to analyzing findings and designing recommendations. I worked closely with the development team to ensure that he user experience was always at the forefront of product design and development.


  • What do our users feel about the redesign?
  • Are users able to find everything they need?
  • What else can we include in our software that helps users increase their efficiency?
  • Do the icons we use make sense to our users?
  • Why do our users leave to other OEM management software?
  • Is our education platform and training helpful for our users?



I helped stakeholders like the Senior Vice President of Product and the CTO, understand what design or conceptual changes the product needs.

My recommendations helped increase user efficiency by reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms and helped users see more value in IntelliTrex.