We Are Bruce Lee

Located at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum in Chinatown, San Francisco, We Are Bruce Lee is an exhibit featuring contemporary art and historical artifacts that celebrates the remarkable life of the
Chinese American icon, Bruce Lee, who transcended race, geography, and culture through uncanny strength
and resilience.

My Role

UI Designer, Visual Designer


Marketing Campaign Ideas
Visual Assets for Campaign
Logistical Support with Vendors


As part of Young & Hungry at the Academy of Art University, I worked in a multi-disciplinary 3-person team, to come up with marketing strategies and create visual assets to use for the executing the campaign ideas contributed by my team.


  • Creating awareness about the event and Bruce Lee
  • Increasing footfall in Chinatown to improve small business revenue during the pandemic
  • Ideas for exhibitions in the museum
  • Effective social media marketing



Each team pitched their campaign and marketing ideas and then our client chose the ones that were most feasible or effective, keeping budget and time constraints in mind. Following are the chosen ideas that I worked on.

Find the quote

Under the sky, under the heavens there is but one family.

Posters with just one of the words from this Bruce Lee quote will be posted all across Chinatown and anyone who finds all the posters will get a discount or free merch. This will help raise awareness for the exhibition and increase footfall in that neighborhood.

Brews Lee

It started out as a pop-up cafe idea with a menu featuring Bruce Lee inspired puns. It evolved to creating a Brews Lee line of Coffee and Tea. Our team also spoke to Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco who were interested in featuring it in their store.

Other Merchandise and Marketing Ideas

Bruce Lee Life Tour

Bruce Lee was born in Chinatown, San Francisco and lived here for some parts of his life.
This life tour takes visitors to all the different locations Bruce Lee lived in as both a child
and an adult.

The mobile app has an audio tour and it overlays the actual location with how it looked like
when Bruce Lee lived there using AR.

Final Prototype